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Solar Hot Water System turns cold water into hot water with the help of sun’s rays.

A Solar Water Heater consists of a collector to collect solar energy and an insulated storage tank to store hot water. The solar energy incident on the absorber panel coated with selected coating transfers the hat to the riser pipes underneath the absorber panel. The water passing through the riser gets heated up and is delivered the storage tank. The re-circulation of the same water through absorber panel in the collector raises the temperature to 80 C (Maximum) in a good sunny day. The total system with solar collector, storage tank and pipelines is called solar hot water system.

Based on the collector system, solar water heaters can be of two types.

Flat Plate Solar Collector System


Our Solar Flat Plate Collector Systems (FPC) are suitable for residential or commercial domestic hot water projects. A key feature of FPC is the light weight and low profile due to use of ultra-light melamine foam insulation.


  • High efficiency Tinox energy AL solar absorber
  • Ultra lightweight melamine foam insulation
  • High tensile grade 6063-T5 black anodized aluminium body
  • High transparency solar glass
  • Harp style riser arrangement compatible with direct flow, closed loop and drain-back systems.
  • Suitable for portrait or landscape orientation

Evacuated Tube System


Our Solar Evacuated sysems are designed to be used in a wide variety of solar thermal (heat) applications in almost any climate. The evacuated tube and heat pipe technology provides very efficient and reliable solar thermal production in a simple to install design.


  • Twin glass evacuated tube (passive solar tracking)
  • Freeze resistant heat pipes
  • Only 4 braze points, extremely reliable header design
  • Steam-back and drain-back compatible
  • Potable water certified copper header pipe
  • Flared compressions fittings for reliable, leak free connections
  • Cyclone rated, corrosion resistant aluminium mounting frame
  • 10 year limited warranty on tubes and heat pipes
  • 15 year limited warranty on copper header and AL frame
  • Efficient performance at high differential temperatures

Technical Requirements Flat Plate Collectors Evacuated Tube Collectors/ Heat pipes/ Systems
Absorber area ISI mark (2 sq. m. absorber area for 100 liter tank capacity system in colder region and 125 liter for other regions)
Type of tubes

Three layer solar selective (Inner layer of copper coating should be visible).

Detailed specifications of tubes will be as per the guidelines laid down by MNRE

No. of tubes in a system

A minimum 1 ½ sq. m. of absorber area for 100 liter tank capacity system.

For 100 LPD system: 14 tubes of Dia: 47 mm & Length: 1500 mm and 10 tubes of Dia: 58 mm & Length: 1800 mm.

For higher capacity systems, the no. of tubes calculated as per above could be slightly less.

Storage Tanks, Piping, Support Structure
Inner tank material : SS 304 or 316 grade min/ MS or other material with anticorrosive coating for hard water with chlorine contents.
Inner tank thickness For SS minimum thickness will be 0.5 mm when using argon arc or metal inert gas for welding and 0.8 mm when using other type of welding. For MS minimum thickness will be 1.5 mm. No leakage under any kind of negative or positive pressure of water will be ensured.
Inner tank welding : TIG / Seam/ pressurized weld
Storage tank capacity

Not less than system capacity. In case of ETC based system, volume of tubes & manifold not to be included in tank capacity. Thermal insulation of: Minimum 50 mm thick with CFC free PUF having density tanks & hot water piping of 28-32 kg per

For regions with sub zero temperatures, it will be doubled.

Outer cladding & Frames Al/SS/FRP or GI powder coated. MS may also be used with special anti-corrosive protective coatings
Valves, cold water tank, vent pipe, heat exchanger, make up tank & measuring instruments Of ISI mark or standard make
Support structure for : Of non corrosive material or have corrosion resistant Collectors, pipng, tanks etc. protective coating. They will be strong enough to sustain their pressure during the lifetime of system