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Green House Solar Dryers.

Green House Solar Dryer (GHSD) is an enclosed chamber which is used for drying of various crops using Green House effect. It helps to preserve the food and also increase the shelf life of the product. It is covered with multi wall Polycarbonate sheet which traps solar energy and has an insulation effect, thereby maintaining high temperature for a longer period of time. Further GHSD filters out the UV radiations which helps products to retain the colour.


  • Minimal thermal losses due to direct penetration of solar radiation into the cabinet through the glass window, with maximum efficiency
  • The temperatures achieved in the cabinet are in the range of 40–65°C on a clear sunny day and is maintained uniformly
  • The temperature difference (∆T) between the ambient and inside cabinet is 15°C–30°C on good sunny days
  • The dryer is rain, insect, dust, and rodent proof
  • These dryers are modular, easily transportable/ portable, and configured according to the availability of open space in user's premises
  • The scalability of the dryer is to the desired size on customer's demand
  • The dryers are guaranteed for long-term usage, i.e., for a period of 10 years
  • A special blue glass filter is provided to cut off UV radiation and reduce the solar intensity for special applications (higher retention of micronutrients), thus simulating shade drying
  • These driers guarantee clean and hygienically processed products, thereby meeting the international quality standards of importing countries.

Technical Specifications

Drying Capacity
500 750 1000 1500 2000
Dimensions of Drying Chamber
18'6"x27' (wxl) 18'6"x40' (wxl) 18'6"x47' (wxl) 29'x47' (wxl) 29'x67' (wxl)


  • Food processing industry ( for dehydration fruits, vegetables and grains)
  • Solar Drying of Agricultural Products
  • Solar Drying of Marine Products