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Solar PV modules

We provide PV modules that are designed to withstand toughest environmental conditions and are manufactured with the best quality standards. We deliver panels in small, medium and large sizes.

Features :

  • High efficiency Mono/Poly Crystalline Silicon Terrestial PV Modules.
  • Thin Film Terrestial PV Modules.
  • Available in the range of 5 Wp to 300 Wp
  • Highly resistant to rain, water, abrasion and hail impact.
  • Anodized aluminium frame with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • High impact resistant, toughened glass.
  • High quality, dust and water proof junction box with rigid connection block.

Specifications :

  • The modules are made up of Crystalline Silicon Cells.
  • Silicon solar cells with minimum efficiency of 17% and that of module shall be greater than 15.5%.
  • High-power module preferred.
  • The fill factor of modules is more than 0.72.
  • PV modules conform to the latest edition of the following IEC / equivalent BIS Standards for PV module design qualification and type approval:
    Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial PV Modules: IEC 61215 / IS14286
    Thin Film Terrestrial PV Modules: IEC 61646
    Module with resistance to highly corrosive atmosphere: IEC 61701 / IS61701
  • The module tested at a testing facility on the production premises. Each module will come with a simulator testing report specifying the rated maximum power output value
  • Modules come with performance warranty of minimum of 90% for 10 yrs and 80% up to 25 yrs.
  • Modules perform satisfactorily with temperatures between -10°C to +85°C.
  • Each Module is provided with external label consisting details of Manufacturer, Module number, Electrical rating, Approvals and other relevant information.
  • 10 years Product Warranty, and 25 years Performance Warranty